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We provide pathways to mental health and addiction services for everybody and every family in our three-county area. MHRB connects those who need it to treatment, while also creating prevention-prepared and recovery-oriented communities that are resilient, supportive, and trauma-informed.

MHRB shares tips on how to help kids cope with Halloween changes

Halloween is going to look a little different this year and helping kids adjust to those changes begins now. MHRB, along with Madison County Public Health are asking parents to take a proactive approach in planning for Halloween to keep the whole family safe while enjoying traditional holiday activities.

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3 ways to manage election stress in the office

While traditionally it is a best practice to avoid talking about politics at work, employers can still consider how the election may be impacting their workers’ mental health and workplace culture.

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MHRB offers tips to businesses during Covid-19

For the past few months, MHRB has been sharing bi-weekly tips about how to lead your business (and stay grounded) through Covid-19. Click on a topic below to get the tips!

  1. Five ways to manage employee expectations
  2. Destigmatizing seeking help for mental health and substance use concerns
  3. Managing decision fatigue
  4. How to support a coworker or employee who is experiencing grief
  5. Self-care for business leaders
  6. Easing the transition back to the office
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