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We provide pathways to mental health and addiction services for everybody and every family in our three-county area. MHRB connects those who need it to treatment, while also creating prevention-prepared and recovery-oriented communities that are resilient, supportive, and trauma-informed.

MHRB provides support as community heals from recent standoff, suicide

“Our hearts go out to Springfield during this time. As a community, we already are navigating uncharted waters with stress and trauma exacerbated by Covid-19 and a fraught political climate. Even in ‘normal’ times, suicide is difficult to process and a complex issue,” said said Dr. Greta Mayer, CEO of MHRB.

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This winter, consider supporting Clark County Mental Health Foundation

The winter holidays are traditionally a time of celebration – and a season of giving and charity. MHRB invites residents to support mental health care for their friends and neighbors through tax-deductible donations to the Clark County Mental Health Foundation (MHF).

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How to help boost employee holiday cheer

Are you seeing a dip in employee morale this year? Are your managers puzzling over how to boost spirits during the holiday season when public health restrictions are preventing traditional celebrations from taking place?

Encouraging employees to focus on “things we CAN do” is just one of the ways managers can help promote positive thinking and more resilient mental health habits for their teams this winter.

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