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We provide pathways to mental health and addiction services for everybody and every family in our three-county area. MHRB connects those who need it to treatment, while also creating prevention-prepared and recovery-oriented communities that are resilient, supportive, and trauma-informed.

Mental illness isn’t just depression: Raising awareness of eating disorders

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (also known as NEDAwareness Week) is February 22 through February 28. Most of us have concerns about our weight from time to time, but people with eating disorders develop an extreme condition which threatens their wellbeing, health, and daily life.


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MHRB receives state grant to fight opioid epidemic

MHRB today announced that it received $2,228,368 as part of the State Opioid Response – Integrated Behavioral Health System of Care (SOR) initiative. MHRB was approved for the full range of programs by Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) to use towards the prevention, treatment and recovery supports for people experiencing substance use disorders in its three-county service area.

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How to recognize when your employee is in an unhealthy relationship

While most workplaces try to respect the boundaries between work and home life, the pandemic has turned “home” and “office” into one and the same thing. This new reality means that what goes on at home can have a bigger impact on your employees at work—even if you can only see it via a Zoom screen.

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