Mental Health and Recovery Board

Mental Health & Recovery Board

With 21 member agencies throughout the three-county area, the Mental Health & Recovery Board is well positioned to provide all citizens of Clark, Greene and Madison Counties convenient access to the mental health, alcohol and other drug addiction treatment, prevention and support services they need. MHRB and its member agencies are committed to providing the community with the highest quality of care.

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Clark County - 937-399-9500
TCN Behavioral Health Services, Inc.
Greene County - 937-376-8701
Mental Health & Alcohol/Drug Services
Madison County - 740-852-6256


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It has been said that “the more things change the more they stay the same”.  I’m not sure I agree, but there is no doubt that we are in a time of constant change and evolution.  Two thousand thirteen has been a year of significant change for mental health and addiction services in Ohio and more change is on the way.


The Ohio Departments of Mental Health and Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services were folded together to form the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (MHA).  There has been concern that a single agency would not be able to adequately focus on both mental health and addiction issues but in an age of governmental consolidation and integration of healthcare delivery models, the potential for a single consolidated agency is significant.  Realizing this potential will require diligent efforts by MHA staff, consumers, Boards, service providers, and advocacy groups. We all have a stake in the success of the new department because it affects us all. We will need to work together to help make sure it functions well.


Medicaid expansion was passed by the Controlling Board and a legal challenge was turned away by the Supreme Court of Ohio, meaning that beginning January 1, 2014, Ohio citizens with incomes below 138% of the federal poverty standard are eligible to receive Medicaid benefits.  This, together with full implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), will provide health insurance benefits to many more Ohioans.  This is good news because access to affordable physical and behavioral health care is a key component to successful recovery and we are in the business of helping people recover from addictions and mental illnesses.


Medicaid expansion and increased private insurance coverage will also have a fiscal impact on the MHR Board, but we will not know the full effect for twelve to eighteen months so we must plan and budget carefully.  It is likely that as the full effects of the ACA and Medicaid expansion are known, we will have opportunities to increase our investment in non-Medicaid supports, housing, community engagement, prevention, and other areas vital to consumer recovery, community stability, and overall health improvement.


The next several years will be an exciting time as we fine tune our local system to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by Medicaid expansion and the ACA. Simultaneously we must maintain our focus on ensuring that adequate services are available for our most vulnerable citizens and look to the future by continuing to expand prevention/health promotion activities throughout our three county region.


We are very fortunate to have talented and committed Board members and staff, strong community support, and a tremendously dedicated group of local provider agencies working together to make our system successful.  Together we can continue our past success while transitioning to meet the challenges of the future.


Dr. Wm. Kent Youngman, CEO




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